Hindu Organisations, Temples, & Associations Forum

Sanghe Sakti Kaliyuge” (Organisation is Strength)

The aim of the Hindu Organisations, Temples, & Associations Forum (HOTA Forum) is to bring Hindu Mandirs (temples), organisations, associations, groups, and sampradayas, who are working for the Hindu resurgence on one common platform.


The main objective of HOTA is to empower Hindu organisations by providing effective networking,  mutual encouragement and support system, resources sharing  and other forms of assistance so that they can serve Hindu community in an enhanced manner. This will instill a sense of pride and common purpose among all associated Hindu groups.


There are numerous groups within Hindu society working actively for the Hindu resurgence and renaissance in the form of mandirs (temples), organisations, institutions, associations, and Hindu sampradayas. These numerous groups are striving to make Hindu society better and stronger, but often only in their own individual capacities and separately from each other.


This separate manner of working can indirectly lead to a lack of unity and organisation in Hindu community, which has been detrimental to the overall common interests of Hindu society. Often they do not even share news of their activities with their counterparts. Failure to disseminate information combined with the lack of coordination can even be counterproductive.

Working together

While various Hindu groups may wish to work separately due to various reasons, it is important that at the very least all groups working for the Hindu cause are kept informed about the activities of their fellow Hindus.


HOTA Forum will allow for pooling of and the greater efficient use of resources, sharing a common platform, to work together in a particular activity.  If Hindu groups work in a more coordinated manner, Hindus will greatly benefit from the judicious use of resources.

HOTA Forum was launched in Queensland during the 5th Australian National Hindu Conference.

HOTA Queensland Coordinator: Dr. Krrishna Kanduri